Crushing Aldous: How to Beat Him in Mobile Legends

Crushing Aldous: How to Beat Him in Mobile Legends

Understanding Aldous: Learning His Moves

Let’s talk about Aldous, the Shadow Hunter, who’s been giving players a tough time. But guess what? We’ve got your back! In this Mobile Legends guide, we’ll share some cool strategies to take on Aldous and beat him with a strong team. Once you get the lowdown on Aldous’s weaknesses and the right moves, you’ll be all set to face him with confidence and crush it in battles!

Spotting Aldous’s Weak Points: Checking Out His Skills

To beat Aldous, it’s like being a detective and figuring out his strengths and weaknesses. These hero has these powerful moves with something called stack Shadows that make his attacks stronger. But here’s the scoop: Aldous isn’t as tough in the early game, and he really needs those stack Shadows. Once you know this, you can plan the perfect strategies to take him down.

Building a Super Team: Picking Heroes with an Edge

Now, here’s the secret sauce: forming a team that can take on Aldous like a boss. Choose heroes who have an advantage over him – ones with big bursts of damage, skills that control crowds, and moves that can stop enemies in their tracks. Think heroes like Chou, Kaja, or Aurora – they can give these hero a run for his money.

Getting an Early Start: Stop from Stacking Shadows

Picture this: the beginning of the game is like the first chapter of a book. It’s super important. Don’t let Aldous stack Shadows by helping your team destroy turrets or wipe out minions fast. Be aggressive in the early game, and these hero will have a tough time getting those stack Shadows he loves so much.

Smart Moves: Keep an Eye on Aldous’s Steps

Aldous is all about collecting stack Shadows to boost his attacks. So, keep an eye on him! Coordinate with your team and disrupt Aldous’s stack Shadows mission. You can do this by ganging up on him or guarding areas where he might be lurking.

Watch Out for Aldous’s Super Move: Dodge and Defend

Aldous’s ultimate move, Contract: Chase Fate, is like his secret weapon. To crush it, you’ve gotta be ready for it. Have some quick moves up your sleeve – use escape skills or defensive tricks when Aldous is closing in. Dodging his ultimate move gives you a big advantage in taking him down.

Crowd Control: Slow Down Aldous’s Battle Dance

Here’s a cool trick – crowd control. Use heroes with moves like stun, immobilization, or speed reduction to slow down Aldous in battles. These moves can keep these hero in check and give you more chances to beat him.

Gearing Up: Pick Items to Make Aldous Squishy

Apart from building a super team, choosing the right items is like getting the perfect gear for a video game character. Items like Necklace of Durance, which stops opponents from VTBET healing, or Deadly Blade, which reduces healing effects, can make Aldous weaker. Pick items that take away his strength and toughness, making it hard for him to get those stack Shadows.

Crushing Aldous: Claiming Victory in Mobile Legends

Crushing Aldous and winning in Mobile Legends isn’t impossible – it’s like a cool quest. Understand his weak points, form a strong team, rock the early game, and use smart strategies. Work together with your team, pick the right items, and change your tactics based on how the game is going. Get ready to win and rule the Mobile Legends battlefield by taking down Aldous like a pro!